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Where to begin on recent projects?! If you’re one of my millions of regular readers, you’ve probably noticed that some of the One Minute Tips videos featured on this page are no longer here. This is because my library has implemented a new search tool (Primo!), and a lot of the screen shots in the original videos are no longer valid. So, one of my projects in the near future will be to get to work updating and creating new videos! Another project that we’ve been doing at my library is migrating to LibGuides 2.0, which is going to be awesome! But, this creates another need to update some of our videos. Hopefully in the near future, you’ll see lots of awesome new videos on this page!


My colleagues (Ashley Brewer and Rachel Stott) and I have been working at our library to stop using unnecessary jargon at all levels of patron interaction- from the online user experience, to the library classroom, to one-on-one interactions. We presented a poster last week at the Georgia International Conference on Information Literacy, sharing what we’ve done so far, ideas that we want to implement, and some of the research that we’ve reviewed.



Earlier this year, my colleague Dylan Wittkower and I had an article published in the journal Digital Culture and Education. Last month we presented on a similar topic at the annual conference of ODU’s Center for Learning & Teaching, and as a result of that we were invited to do a variation of the presentation at ODU’s Excellence in Advising Commission. Woo hoo for being rock stars! Here is the most recent version of our Prezi. (I heart Prezi).



Minute to Learn It: Integrating One Minute Videos Into Information Literacy Programming

This week, my colleague Rachel Lux and I presented at The Innovative Library Instruction Conference at Radford University. Our topic was Minute to Learn it: Integrating One Minute Videos Into Information Literacy Programming. For the presentation, a 7 minute lightening talk, we thought it would be fun to create a one minute video about our topic. It was really well received!

02/06/2014, An article that I co-wrote with two philosophy professors has recently been published, yay!

New One Minute Tips videos:

This semester, the Learning Commons @ ODU Libraries will be sponsoring a special event, ODU Writes A Book. I made this video to promote the project.

With the One Minute Tips videos, my real focus right now is videos that can be embedded into library instruction, or used for distance classes. My most recent video following this theme is about The Information Cycle.

Ender’s Game & Philosophy is now on store bookshelves and available online! D.E. Wittkower and I will be doing a book signing this Saturday, November 9 at the Barnes & Noble at MacArthur Center in Norfolk, VA.


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