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Information Ethics Board Game

A couple of years ago I created a scenario-based board game to teach students information ethics concepts. The games use the boards and basic rules of CandyLand and Chutes & Ladders. Students work their way through the game, responding to ethical scenarios along the way. The scenarios deal with topics like plagiarism, copyright and social media ethics. I stole some of them from other websites, and I created many of them.

A few basic tips for creating (or stealing) games for use in your teaching:

  • Keep it simple. It’s about the content, not “how to play.” Especially in the One Shot.
  • Don’t use technology unless you can do it well. You’re competing with Xbox.
  • It doesn’t have to take long. Though this example takes about 1/2 to work through, simple, short games can be a great way to break up a lecture and energize your class.

See, they loved it!


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